high energy levels and maintenance of good body weight throughout infancy


Formulated to support the exact nutritional requirements of adult working dogs





I have been a keeper of working Labradors for half my life, and a breeder of Fox Red Labradors.

Having always struggled to find premium-quality dog food at an affordable price, with quality ingredients and none of the fillers and bulking agents found in a lot of the commercially available dog foods.

After years of research and trial and error, I discovered a food developed by the world-famous and highly regarded and multiple award-winning David Lisett. Chapel Farm Premium dog foods are second to none in my opinion.

I have been lucky enough to be appointed distributor for Ireland of this amazing quality dog food.


  • The Chapel Farm Original 20 is an all-round totally balanced diet that is suitable for feeding all breeds of working or companion dog. This is the food we recommend using during rest periods when the dogs are not working or training as hard which we have been feeding at the Buccleuch Gundog Kennels for the last four years. We recommend this variety of the range for feeding all athletic types of dogs, including gundogs, working and pastoral breeds.

    WEIGHT: 15kg

  • The Performance 24 is full of wholesome nutritious ingredients that are 100% complete being totally balanced for maximum nourishment. This variety in the range aims to provide your dog with an extra boost of energy and stamina which is needed in the lead up to the shooting season. It is important to maintain weight and condition on your dog, especially in the cold winter months when they will be burning body fat to keep warm, out with any physical activity. Performance 24 has the same higher protein content as the Performance Plus 24 and we have priced this variety to suit all budgets for a premium working dog food.

    WEIGHT: 15kg

  • INVEST ‘N’ DIGEST LAMB Has been specifically designed to help improve poor digestion, condition, energy levels and aid in physical and mental health.

  • Hypoallergenic Performance 24 Plus is the superior variety of the Chapel Farm range. We recommend this variety for achieving the highest level of results from your working or competition dogs. During training, working and competing dogs will use incredible amounts of energy; Performance 24+ was designed with this in mind. This variety of our Chapel Farm Dog Food range can also be fed to whelping bitches and young dogs from six to eight months onwards. At the Chapel Farm kennels we feed all the young dogs and those who David intends to compete with on Performance 24+ as they will be training and using a lot of energy and need a nutritious diet that enables them to be in peak condition both physically and mentally in order to achieve the best results.

    WEIGHT: 15kg

  • This is where the journey begins. This is one of the most important stages of a dog’s life, too important to leave to chance.

    We have been developing and testing this puppy food for a few years now. With the feedback received from prestigious kennels, the puppy food is ticking all the boxes for others as well. The pups fed on Chapel Farm have always had a good appetite and the health benefits are easily seen including: good coats, high energy levels and maintenance of good body weight throughout infancy. We have also found that the puppies have been easier to look after and the workload is lighter in the kennels due to having firm stools.

    WEIGHT: 15kg

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Chapel Farm is the home of the Buccleuch Kennels which are situated on the Queensberry Estate in the Lowther Hills in Dumfries & Galloway. The kennels form part of a very versatile estate where you can enjoy a castle tour, mountain biking, fishing or shooting and much more.